CCP for Individuals

The Cultural Competence Program (CCP) for individuals is available via web browser. The program builds capability around cultural diversity, and participants will gain practical skills and cultural specific knowledge for use both at work and in everyday life.

Individuals who complete the program receive a certificate (plus CPD points from participating organisations).

The program takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Program content & learning outcomes

The CCP explores topics including cross-cultural communication, addressing stereotypes, unconscious bias, diversity and the benefits of multiculturalism in the workplace. There are over 60 animations and films, including real people telling real stories. Also included are fun, interactive activities, plus options for further reading.

The CCP provides a solid foundation in understanding what culture, diversity, inclusion and cultural competence mean, and how this contributes to competitive advantage.

SBS presenter Janice Petersen discusses curiosity around ethnicity

Why the CCP was developed

Australia’s diversity poses both challenges and opportunities. The CCP was developed to promote social cohesion through fostering a better understanding of diverse cultures.

Andy Trieu (SBS PopAsia) talks about cultural assumptions

Organisations using the CCP